This conceptual project was developed as a potential companion tool to the existing Body Bugg system. The Calories IN/Calories Off - Track Your Plan smart phone application helps the "on-the-go" weigh loss client achieve their goals.
The current Body Bugg system is comprised of an activity tracker worn on your arm and an online food and activity tracking system. This weight loss tool has been featured on the TV show "The Biggest Loser" for the past few seasons.

The goal of this companion app is to leverage smartphone / iPhone technology
to extend the Body Bugg system.
Here are one example customer scenarios that would demostrate the application's functionality:

"Jamie" has traveled to a new neighborhood to shop for shoes. She is getting hungry and she did not bring a lunch that aligns with her weight loss program.
What restaurants are in the neighborhood that would map to her menu planning and keep her weight loss goals on track?

- By using personalized menu planning with a cross-reference of customer's
current physical position with GPS, the Calories In/Calories off system can
highlight restaurants with food within a specific calorie range.

User Experience Plan

Discovery Phase:
- current state review
- subject matter expert interview

Research Phase:
- customer interviews
- competitive analysis

Strategy Phase:
- collaborative ideation

Design Phase:
- brainstorming
- user scenarios
- sketches
- page flows
- paper prototypes