As a part of the Music without Limits strategy, Rhapsody product management team extended the service to provide DRM-free MP3s purchase from all major music labels.

From a customer experience perspective, there are three main concerns for the MP3 Store:
- make a distinctive, separate site from the Rhapsody subscription site to reduce confusion for new customers.
- change the shopping cart experience by providing a "stay in place" mini cart layer experience that would encourage more shopping behavior.
- provide clear download option using either a helper application or ZIP file download for album downloads vs. single item downloads.

Project Role

  • Created UI project timeline
  • Reviewed business requirements and develop multiple concepts and user scenarios.
  • Worked with outside usability consultant for customer testing on specific usability concerns for the MP3 store.
  • Coordinated between the different disciplines (interaction design, visual design, content).
  • Acted as main point of contactwith business and technology partners.
  • Provided detailed technical specifications to technology.
  • Participated in pre-release site QA and bug triage.